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 Liberia Airport Travel For My Meeting Or Convention


What is the key ingredient to a successful meeting or convention?  Everyone needs to arrive safely and on time, but the trip should also be a part of the experience.  It is critical to have a transportation partner that you can rely on every step of your event.  We don’t just get you to and from the airport, but we want to take care of you every mile in between.

We are not just a provider – We are the solution to your transportation needs.  Our team prides itself in being a true transportation partner to the hospitality industry.  We focus on delivering the highest level of service on every trip.

Our team is ready to welcome you to Costa Rica!  it makes a tremendous difference to have an expert guide from the moment you arrive all the way to determining when you need to return to the airport for your flight back home.  We have a variety of options for group and VIP transportation and our team of drivers are trained to deliver a truly unique view of the country

We also want to handle your needs all the way through the convention.  Whether you need shuttles to and from your hotel to the convention center or help taking everyone out for dinner or Town excursions, we want to handle the details for you.  It is so important to have one team to call throughout every leg of your event.  Let us manage your entire transportation experience and provide you with the right solutions for your event.

Consider us an extension of your team for the entire journey.

Requesting The Price To Your Destination

it's  A Simple, Three Step Process: 

Filling Out The Form Making Sure You Include Your destination.

Review The Pricing And Booking Instructions We'll Send By Email

We guarantee to respond withing 30 Minutes After You Email Us (in office hours)

Once We Get The Ok From You We´ll Send You The Confirmation Email 

That's All It Takes To Finalize Your Reservation

How To Find Us At The Airport

We'll Have One Of Our Representatives Holding A Sign With Your Name On It He'll be waiting Out Side The Terminal On The Waiting Area You'll See A Lot Of People On This Area Just Keep In Mind To Look For Your name the Driver Will have full Details Of Your Trip


The Day Before Your Arrival We’ll Send You A Picture Of The Sign You’ll Look For Once You Have Arrived To Liberia Airport This Way You’ll Have An Idea On What To Look For.


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